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Anti-Poker Bill In Oregon Fails To Advance

Measure Fails To Advance As Supporters Rally To Fight It


There was a piece of legislation in the state of Oregon that would have closed popular card rooms in the Portland area. However, the bill is reportedly dead. That’s great news for poker players around the Pacific Northwest.

The bill gained some traction because some lawmakers are displeased with the proliferation of such games since the state authorized “social gaming” more than two decades ago.

According to the Oregonian, a hearing on the bill featured the opinion that poker rooms, by charging admission fees and allowing dealer tips, were violating the social gaming law. The establishments also produce revenue from the sale of food and beverages.

Supporters rallied against the bill, and some reportedly argued that the details of such businesses would be better addressed from a regulatory angle than receiving a legislative solution. Some said the businesses are good for the local economy.

Oregon has no commercial casinos or racetracks, putting it among the group of states that has pretty limited gambling. While Oregon looked at curbing its existing gambling, others on the east coast, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, are looking to beef up their respective industries. Neighboring Oregon is the state of Washington, which also has tight restrictions on gambling, and even online poker.

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