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PokerStars' Mark Scheinberg To Pay U.S. $50 Million

CEO Of Online Company Resolves His Case


The United States government had been seeking to claim funds Mark Scheinberg had received for his role with the business of PokerStars. According to court documents filed on Tuesday, he has agreed to pay the U.S. $50 million to settle his case.

“Mark Scheinberg wishes to fully and finally resolve this matter” the document stated.

In July, PokerStars settled as a company for more than $500 million, and in the process acquired then defunct Full Tilt Poker.

Mark Scheinberg’s father, Isai, still remains under indictment by the federal government.

In the July settlement, Mark took over control of the company. He is the CEO.

The whole case stems from the original Black Friday indictments in April 2011, when PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet were kicked out of American cyberspace.

None of those firms have since returned to serve Americans.

Mark Scheinberg’s settlement does not include any admission of wrongdoing. PokerStars itself did not admit to any wrongdoing in the July deal.

PokerStars is trying to get back involved with the American market via New Jersey.