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Ohio Indicts Five For Alleged Casino Cheating

State Could Crucify Defendants With Two Years In Prison


Five people who have been accused of cheating at the new casino in Cincinnati, Ohio could face up to two years in prison, according to startling reporting from the Associated Press.

In a move to further condemn alleged casino cheats, the AP stated that “state officials say cheaters not only steal from the house, but also Ohio’s counties, cities and schools because the state collects 33 percent in gross revenue taxes from the casinos.” You got that? Ohio thinks you are screwing over kids by breaking the rules at blackjack.

The cheating apparently was such a mammoth crime in Ohio that a news conference was held to go over the case. A prosecutor used the forum to called the defendants “idiotic.”

Ohio’s four new casinos — in addition to a property in Cincinnati there are also carpet joints in Toldeo, Cleveland and Columbus — were designed to help the state’s economy — i.e. make it a better place to live — but the Buckeye State thinks boosting its prison population also makes it a more welcoming place. Ohio is also home to the horrors of for-profit human cages.

According to the AP, prosecutors allege that the individuals either added or removed chips from their bets after the outcome of the game was apparent. Clearly wrong, but worthy of such a reaction? The AP story was picked up by news outlets around the nation.

While two years and a $5,000 fine are the maximum penalties, probation is also possible.



over 8 years ago

Hey this a news article or an op-ed? Never mind that I agree with the sensibility of the conclusion that casino cheats not only steal from the house but they also steal from their beneficiaries or that for-profit correctional facilities are, indeed, a suspect concept (see also the juvie scandal in Pennsylvania)...seriously, are you a reporter or a preacher?