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Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Casino -- 36 Remain After Day 2

Field Quickly Whittled From 91 Players Down To The Money


Day 2 was a quick one in the Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Casino $1,100 no-limit hold’em main event. A total of 91 surviving players from the three starting days came together with the initial goal of making it into the money and stopping at 36 players. Reaching that number took far less time than was expected.

Nichoel Jurgens After just over six hours of play, the bubble burst at 37 and then shortly after Stephanie Donahue was the first player eliminated in the money, taking home $2,150 for her 37th place finish. The Bike’s floor staff asked the players if they would all agree to continue past the posted goal of 36, but there was an objection and play was halted for the day.

The chip leader heading into day 3 is Richard Munro with 970,000. Other big stacks include Kevin Lee (889,000), Lyle Wong (702,500) and Live At The Bike commentator and last female player remaining Nichoel Jurgens(461,500).

The biggest name left in the field is Matt Salsberg, who just this week secured the title of World Poker Tour Player of the Year. Salsberg got off to a quick start at the beginning of the day, winning two sizable pots with ace-king to take the early chip lead, but cooled off a bit as the day went on, ultimately ending the day in tenth chip position with 374,000. Card Player TV caught up with Salsberg after play ended for a quick video interview:

Play will resume on day 3 at 1:00 PM and will continue until the final table is set. Here is a look at the chip counts heading into day 3:

Rank Player Name Chip Count
1 Munro, Richard 970,000
2 Lee, Kevin 889,000
3 Wong, Lyle 702,500
4 Yifrach, Gal 499,000
5 Nguyen, Mark 482,500
6 Jurgens, Nichoel 461,500
7 Hackett, Stan 417,000
8 Nguyen, Dung 395,000
9 Baranovsky, Vadim 389,000
10 Salsberg, Matt 374,000
11 Myerson, Alan 361,000
12 Duong, Duey 360,000
13 Lee, Kenny 328,000
14 Han, Haiau 307,000
15 Sewell, Gary 300,500
16 Zaiss, William 300,000
17 Phan, Andy 293,000
18 Simityan, Pogos 270,000
19 Kramer, Bruce 243,000
20 Beckstead, Thomas 232,000
21 Miller, Devron 230,000
22 Wahab, Amir 224,000
23 Tao, Anthony 208,000
24 Hunter, Joseph 197,000
25 McVeigh, Rob 182,500
26 Peters, Roy 174,500
27 Samaan, Zaher 170,500
28 Sharma, Vikaas 168,000
29 Fomin, Roman 145,000
30 Chappell, Rubin 143,000
31 Fernandez, Ross 129,000
32 Kim, Steve 126,000
33 Turevski, Eugeni 120,500
34 McLue, Ryan 110,000
35 Peera, James 93,500
36 Le, Leroy 90,500