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Ohio Adds First Two Names To Casino Gambling Black List

State's Version Of 'Black Book' Sees First Additions


Ohio casino regulators have added the first two names to its version of a black book.

According to the Plain Dealer, the “involuntary exclusion” list, as it’s called, is similar to those in other states, most notably in Nevada, which has the infamous “black book.”

The Silver State just recently added a name to the list for the first time in about four years. While Ohio’s just started, Nevada’s goes back to the 1970s.

In Ohio, two former employees of casinos in the state have been added, after both being convicted of gambling related crimes and subsequently fired from their jobs. One was at the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, while the other was at the Hollywood Casino in Toledo.

One of the episodes involved a roulette dealer stealing $500, and the other involved a blackjack dealer deliberately paying out a higher amount than he was supposed to. The winner of the hand was an accomplice, and the sum was $430. Both were convicted and faced fines, plus probation.

Neither man reportedly appealed the addition to the exclusion list.

Ohio has four commercial casinos, after the governor legalized such gambling in 2009. In addition to Toledo and Cleveland, gambling properties exist in Columbus and Cincinnati.

For more news from Ohio, check out its state page.

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over 7 years ago

FYI The Ohio Governor DID NOT legalize such gambling in Ohio. The voters passed a constitutional amendment to allow 4 casinos in 2009. They just opened in 2012.