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High-Stakes Online Poker: Ben Sulsky Crushes Viktor Blom For $1.37M: HSDB

Pair Of Gamblers Throw Heavy Blows This Week


According to tracking data from HighstakesDB, Ben Sulsky won more than $1.3 million from Viktor Blom over the past 24 hours or so, in one of the most epic matches of the year.

Blom reportedly got off to a quick start in their session, winning $300,000. However, Sulsky quickly turned things around across the four tables, and within a few hours was up more than $1 million. The pair were playing nosebleed stakes of $400-$800 pot-limit Omaha.

Sulsky’s lead didn’t hold, as within 1,000 hands Blom had put things back to about even. Then Sulsky went on a huge heater, bringing his profits for the match back over $1 million.

When it was all said and done, Sulsky finished up $1.37 million.

According to HighstakesDB, there were 130 six-figure pots in the ferocious session, with the largest being a $400,000 cooler where Sulsky flopped top set against Blom’s bottom set on a pretty dry flop of KHeart Suit 10Diamond Suit 3Spade Suit. All the money went in right then.

Blom’s horrific day came just a day after he won $1 million.

Sulsky was one of the biggest losers on the year until crushing the Swede. The New Hampshire native was the biggest winner in the online poker world in 2012.

For a closer look at the recap of the action, check out the reporting from HighstakesDB.



over 8 years ago

I've been reading these updates for awhile now and, forgive my ignorance here, I am failing to understand why they are posted. I understand that there are large sums of money involved, but are they not within the confines of normal variance? Blom wins a million on Tuesday and then loses it on Wednesday.