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U.S. Commercial Casinos Win $37.34 Billion From Gamblers In 2012

Gaming Revenue Highest Since 2007 Record


On Monday, the American Gaming Association, the commercial casino industry’s top lobbying group on Capitol Hill, released its annual “State of the States” report.

In the document, the AGA reported that gaming revenues have reached their highest mark since 2007 — a year before the Great Recession struck and profits soured. Six years ago was a record $37.5 billion for the industry.

“After three years of increasing growth and positive signs in all sectors of the industry, it’s clear that we have weathered the recession,” Frank Fahrenkopf, president and CEO of the AGA said in a statement. He added in a conference call Monday that the “present and future look bright for the U.S. commercial gaming industry.”

The figures show that 2012 saw a 4.8-percent increase in overall gaming revenue compared to 2011. The total amount for 2012 was $37.34 billion.

“At a time when many industries are still feeling the lingering effects of the so-called Great Recession, gaming companies are going strong,” Fahrenkopf said.

Much of the success can be attributed to more casinos opening up. There were 513 commercial casinos existing in 2012, which was up from 492 in 2011.

According to the AGA, “the states that saw the greatest increases in gaming revenue were previously under-served markets where new casinos have recently opened, such as Maryland, Kansas, Maine, New York and Ohio.”

Ohio was the latest state to see brand new brick-and-mortar commercial casinos pop up.

Along with more facilities came greater visitation. Thirty-four percent of Americans visited a casino at least once in 2012. That’s more than 76 million people.

To boot, 85 percent of Americans — the highest ever for the AGA report — view brick-and-mortar casinos as acceptable for themselves or others.

The AGA report didn’t include Indian casinos, which took in more than $26 billion in one year, according to the most recent tally.

The commercial casino industry has recovered, but its still eying the next frontier of gambling, which is Internet games. A few states have already legalized that activity.

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