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Illinois Governor Happier With Latest Casino Gambling Bill

State's Top Lawmaker Still Has Concerns, But Things Looking Up


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn reportedly is happier with the latest version of a gambling expansion proposal that is currently working its way through the legislature.

According to CBS St. Louis, Quinn said: “You know the Senate bill definitely is an improvement over what we’ve seen in the past and there may be effort by the House, in this case on the gaming, to refine that and improve that.”

The major concern of Quinn’s has been with regards to oversight on the new casinos. In other words, to keep any shady activity out of the businesses. The new bill reportedly would have to undergo some revisions in order to have any hope with the governor, however.

The second issue he has taken with the plan, at least one that he has made public, is with funding for education. “Having a fair structure when it comes to assessing the taxes on the casinos should be focused on education and so the more revenue we can get for education I think most people in Illinois feel is the best way to go,” Quinn said.

Quinn has vetoed similar proposals before.

It was announced recently that Internet gambling, which had briefly been included on the expanded gambling bill, would be removed from the language.

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