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President Obama's Pick For Ambassador To France Bows Out After Connection To Illegal Poker Games

Marc Lasry Reportedly Doesn't Want To Go Through Vetting Process


According to The New York Post, the billionaire businessman who President Obama was looking to select as the next ambassador to France decided to decline the appointment after he was linked to a high-stakes underground poker ring in New York City, one that was busted earlier this month by the Justice Department.

Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital reportedly is friends with Illya Trincher, one of the individuals named in the sweeping indictment. Trincher’s father and brother were among the others named. A handful of poker pros were listed in the indictment as well.

“Marc Lasry is a big-time gambler, in golf and poker,” a source told The Post. “He’s a ‘master of the universe’ type, and he was friends with the kid Trincher.”

According to The Post: “Lasry, 53, turned down the post only days after the White House asked the FBI to probe whether he was tied to anyone involved in the criminal enterprise, sources said…Because ambassadorships require Senate approval — normally a pro-forma step — Lasry faced the prospect of being grilled about the ring.”

“It’s not that he committed a crime, but it opens a can of worms,” a source added.

Lasry told Bloomberg TV last year: “Poker is math, so I enjoy playing it because I think there’s a lot of math involved,” he said. “And it’s fun. It’s fun to play with others.”

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