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Gambler Sues Casino For Falling Out Of Chair

Parx Casino Near Philly Denies Any Negligence


A Pennsylvania man is pursuing legal recourse against Parx Casino in Bensalem for allegedly providing a faulty chair at a slot machine that caused him to fall out of it and injury himself, reported.

Davis alleged “several and debilitating personal injuries on or about the entire head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, torso and extremities” from the fall.

“They have video of everything, including him falling out of the back of the chair,” Davis’ attorney told the paper. “A good portion of this will go toward paying my client’s medical bills. He had to go through about three to four months of physical therapy.”

The victim’s wife said that she has been “deprived of the society, companionship, services and assistance of her husband.”

The casino and other parties, including the chair maker, deny any negligence in the case.

Pennsylvania has only had legal casinos since 2007.

Parx is one of the most profitable in the state, according to revenue figures. It brought in more than $560 million in the year 2012.

A local jury reportedly could hear the case soon.

The event in question took place in late 2009, and has been slowly working its way through the legal system. For more info on the story, check out the reporting from

For more news and info from Pennsylvania, check out its state page.

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over 8 years ago

i predict they get zero and will be banned from all casinos everywhere.


over 8 years ago

I think he will win. Juries love to hand out money and people won't feel bad handing out the casinos cash. I say good luck to the guy. If he is grifting it's a long one with a couple of months of physical therapy. Though with his list of injuries it makes you wonder if this slot machine was near some stairs.


over 8 years ago

Parx is only as profitable as it is because they're cheap. They don't even give free drinks when you play there. Not surprised they failed to replace a broken chair. I hope he gets everything he asks for. I hate that place.


over 8 years ago

i actually fell out of a chair at parx casino before to. I didn't get hurt though. The chair i was sitting wasn't bolted to the ground or something so when i went to lean back i fell all the way to the ground.