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New Hampshire Casino Bill Faces Battle In House

Lawmakers Want To Keep Business Free Of Corruption, Conflicts Of Interest


New Hampshire’s casino bill is in the House after recently passing the Senate, but its road to success remains unclear because of complex discussions on how to regulate.

“What is surprising to me is that (the bill’s sponsors and writers) don’t learn,” Rep. David Hess, who has led the House fight against casinos, told the Concord Monitor. “There are the same defects and the same omissions year after year, despite the fact that we point this out in committee (discussions) and on the House floor.”

In a state budget address, Gov. Maggie Hassan said that she is looking for the state to license one “high-end, highly regulated casino.” New Hampshire would charge $80 million.

“I know expanded gambling has been an on-going and difficult debate,” she said in a statement. “But the social costs many are worried about are already here, and with Massachusetts moving forward, we can no longer pretend that expanding gambling isn’t coming to our communities. It is.” The governor wants to help eduction with casino tax revenue.

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