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Louisiana To Study Potential Legalization Of I-Poker

Officials To Look At 'Feasibility And Practicality' Of New Business


Lawmakers and other public officials in Louisiana are expected to take up the task of pondering the legalization of Internet gambling, including poker.

Rep. Mike Huval proposed a plan last week to “study the feasibility and practicality of authorizing Internet gaming in Louisiana and to report the findings” prior to the 2014 legislative session. In other words, no legalization this year, but perhaps next.

According to Huval, over the past 23 years the state’s gambling industry has provided $14.3 billion in tax revenue. According to the American Gaming Association, Louisiana has 18 operating commercial casinos. Gambling was legalized there in 1991.

Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are the only states with legalized online gambling, but a handful of others are in the mix to authorize the industry in the near-term.

Image via Flickr.

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