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New Online Poker Bill Dealt To California

Some Golden State Lawmakers Are Trying Again In 2013


Despite intense bickering that swirled around the California online poker issue in the past and abysmal progress for its proponents, efforts to try to legalize the business in 2013 were shored up with the emergence of a new measure late last week.

On Friday, Sen. Lou Correa, a familiar name on the Internet gambling battle front, introduced Senate Bill No.678, which would OK state-approved sites to take bets from within California’s borders. Sen. Rod Wright unveiled his proposal, Senate Bill No.51, in mid-December.

Wright’s bill has sat dormant since Jan. 10, after being referred to a committee.

California is home to the nation’s top tribal gaming industry, and it’s unclear whether some members of that group could co-exist with commercial operators also eying the online realm. With 38 million people, California is a juicy state for firms that do business in gambling, but who exactly gets access is of much concern. In other words, there probably will be winners and losers as a result of whatever passes, but some sort of compromise will be needed.

Other states with legal online poker include Nevada and Delaware, while New Jersey is expected to authorize the activity this week. Offering the real-money games would be reserved for state-licensed operators and their technology partners.

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almost 5 years ago

This is awesome!


almost 5 years ago

So awesome! hopefully they legalize and compact, our playerbase would be huge for tournaments if Cali passes this bill! ONe Time!!!


Mark Clyde Brant V
over 4 years ago

Maybe the sites will be up and running when the imaginary bullet trains are operating. Don't hold your breath waiting for California's sclerotic legislature to do anything about online poker. They have much bigger issues to work on.