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Man Steals $55K Worth Of Chips From Casino, Returns Just Four Hours Later Trying To Cash Them

Suspect Apprehended Once Back On The Property: Report


Parx Casino

According to law enforcement authorities, a 41-year-old gambler stole $55,000 worth of casino chips from a blackjack dealer’s tray, left the property, and then returned just four hours later in an attempt to cash them, The Morning Call reported Wednesday.

The alleged crime took place at Pennsylvania’s Parx Casino, located not far from Philadelphia.

He was arrested upon returning and placed under $75,000 bail.

Image via Parx Casino’s Facebook page.

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over 9 years ago

Can you say "I'm a dumbass for trying to cash chips I just stole 4 hours earlier?"


over 9 years ago

I could say it, but then I'd just be repeating some useless post I read on cardplayer.


over 9 years ago

The motorcycle bandit, who did this at the Bellagio poker room, a couple years back, did the same thing. He came back to the high roller poker table and tried to use the chips to gamble with. He was a poor poker player and lost them in the game to the tune of over $100,000. Then he went to poker forums online and tried to sell the $25,000 cranberry colored chips at a discont under the username "Cranberry Spray". Silly guy.