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World Series Of Poker Makes 'Ladies' Event $10K Buy-In, Gives Women $9K Discount

Decision Made To Hopefully Keep Men Out Of Tournament


Men will have to pay a hefty price, in addition to the public shaming, in order to compete in the “Ladies” event at the 2013 World Series of Poker.

The WSOP announced Thursday, as part of the release of the 2013 summer schedule, that the buy-in for the special tournament will be raised from $1,000 to $10,000, and women will get a $9,000 discount. The goal is dissuade men from playing.

“We love the Ladies event,” WSOP spokesman Seth Palansky said via email. “It has history with us dating back to 1977. We want to do everything we can to bring more ladies into the game and give them a comfortable environment in which to play. As we follow all laws, the change this year allows us to accomplish our goals while remaining law-abiding.”

The WSOP can’t implement an outright ban on men from entering.

Reaction on social media was overwhelmingly supportive, with many big name pros voicing their opinions on the WSOP’s creative decision.

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