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BREAKING: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Makes Favorable Decision On Internet Gaming Bill

Governor Decides On Conditional Veto, Bill's Sponsor Says 'Big Win'


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The wait is essentially over.

On Thursday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided on a conditional veto for a bill that will authorize casinos in slumping Atlantic City to eventually offer a wide array of casino games on the Internet, the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Ray Lesniak, told Card Player.

A conditional veto means that Christie wants changes to the bill and for it to be sent back to him for signature. Lesniak said Christie’s conditions are “very minor.”

Lawmakers will send it back to the governor within the next few weeks, Lesniak said.

“It’s off to the races for New Jersey,” an ecstatic Lesniak said over the phone. “This is a huge lifeline for Atlantic City — a big win for the state.”

“Finally!” Lesniak exclaimed.

The measure was introduced around this time in 2012 and sat idle in the legislature for much of the year, before being quickly passed by both the Assembly and Senate in December. Christie then had more than a month to make the monumental decision.

The state’s top lawmaker has been a proponent of helping Atlantic City put the stops on a downward spiral, but recently expressed concerns over the bill during a radio appearance. Christie straight-up vetoed a similar plan in 2011.

The news is also great for PokerStars, which is looking to acquire a casino in Atlantic City. The purchase would give it a foot in the door to eventually operate web poker from New Jersey.

New Jersey will join Nevada and Delaware as the only states with legal real-money betting on the Internet. A handful of other states could legalize in 2013.

“The sky is the limit,” Lesniak said of the Garden State’s future in online gaming.

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over 9 years ago

i wonder if somehow NJ can somehow get Pokerstars to agree to tap into their player pool.


over 9 years ago

Unfortunately, no. The bill states all servers must be located inside NJ to comply with gaming laws and only players from NJ will be allowed to play against each other. However, There is the option for other states to "opt-in" to the bill so I can imagine in one year there would be a large enough player pool.


over 9 years ago

Got to love American politics. You can have a cupboard full of automatic weapons but you can't play cards on the internet!