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DOJ: Announcement 'Soon' On Full Tilt Remission

November Update Said That Work Would Begin In January


After the Department of Justice announced in November that a third-party “claims administrator” would be chosen in January to “begin work” on the remission process for American victims of Full Tilt Poker, the month of January has nearly come and gone without any announcement.

A spokesperson at the DOJ would only tell Card Player on Wednesday that there’s going to be an announcement “soon.” The DOJ wouldn’t comment on how soon.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York has been evaluating applicants for the position, according to the November “Victims Update.”

About $159 million would potentially be paid out to 1.3 million former U.S. players, who have been without access to their accounts since April 2011.

There is no timetable on how long it will take the private group, once hired, to assist the United States government in compensating victims of the alleged Full Tilt fraud.



almost 5 years ago

Why do I have a feeling that this announcement is going to be a huge disappointment?


almost 5 years ago

Can anyone tell me what site I have to go to claim the money, Ididn't
see it on doj


almost 5 years ago

Basically Pokerstars was 100% ready to cut checks to every US Full tilt player. But the US GOVT decided it was in the best interest to take the lump payment itself and make you jump through hoops in order to get your money. Of course not everyone will claim their lost funds, leaving the US with a nice little profit.


almost 5 years ago

The DOJ is working closely with the IRS, so hopefully you've been paying your taxes on your FTP winnings.