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Hansen Down $3.7 Million On Full Tilt Since November

Poker Pro Still Can't Find Any Sustained Traction On Software


Gus Hansen

Despite some upswings here and there, poker pro Gus Hansen has continued to fall deeper into the hole since Full Tilt Poker relaunched in November.

Since the site came back, the Dane has dropped $3.7 million, according to HighstakesDB.

The amount is more than double the next biggest loser during the time frame.

With more than 85,000 hands played during the stretch, Hansen has been extremely active on the software since reuniting with his account balance, which he told Card Player was the second largest on the site when it shutdown in 2011 while under previous ownership.

According to HighstakesDB data, Hansen was approaching $2 million in profits on Full Tilt in the spring of 2009, before going on a long and horrific downswing for about the next year and a half. In August 2010, he was more than $9 million in the hole.

However, things started to look up for Hansen. Over the next eight or nine months, Hansen went on a heater that was equally as fantastic as his downswing. In the spring of 2011, right before online poker’s Black Friday, Hansen had won back more than $6 million.

After playing some in the months directly preceding the site’s global shutdown, Hansen had to wait more than a year and half before he could try to continue his career upswing.

In November 2012, after the long break, Hansen took to the virtual tables with hopes of getting out of the online hole once and for all. He needed to win another $3 million or so before he could again be considered a winning online player. Hansen has always fared better in live tournaments. His lifetime earnings of $9.8 million put him in the top 20 all-time.

The momentum appeared to be completely gone, as things haven’t gone well for him at all.

Various opponents have destroyed him day in and day out. His most recent plunge has him back to being in the red almost $7 million lifetime on the software.

Hansen is a Full Tilt sponsored player. The firm was acquired by PokerStars in July.



5 years ago

Who cares I'll never play on the site again hope the USA bans it forever