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Arizona Woman Deported After Winning Casino Jackpot

Border Patrol Agents Show Up After Woman Tries To Collect Winnings


Casino del SolMirna Valenzuela thought it was her lucky day when she won a $1,200 jackpot at the Casino del Sol in Tucson, Arizona last December.

After trying to collect with her Arizona driver’s license, casino officials instructed her to return the next day with her Mexican passport. The next afternoon, Border Patrol Agents showed up and took Valenzuela and her daughter into custody.

Though her daughter was eventually released, the 43-year-old Valenzuela was deported back to Mexico. Details on why Border Patrol was contacted are not available.



over 8 years ago

Umm...why was Border Patrol contacted and on what basis did they make their decision to deport Ms. Valenzuela?


8 years ago

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