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Romania & Bulgaria Dominate BetVictor Club

Free-Play League Attracts 550 Players Vying For €1,500 Top Prize


With the holiday season upon us the BetVictor Club free-play poker league is hotting up with Bulgaria dominating the 550-strong field.

“chichokoko” currently holds the top spot with 1861.28 points followed closely by “kejsi180” from Poland.

Romania and Bulgaria take up six of the top 10 spots, punching well above the 20 percent of players they provide to the league.

Poland, Ukraine and Serbia each have two players in the top 20 while Canada, UK, Argentina, Belgium and Israel each have one player in the top 20.

Mark Napolitano, spokesperson for the league, said, “I think we can all agree that Romania and Bulgaria are currently playing the best poker by far within this League.

“Last month I remember making a similar post to this early in the month and then things changed somewhat over the final week or so. It will be interesting to see if current leaders can hang in there for another week until the end of the League.”