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Caesars Taking Action On Main Event Final

Chip Leader Jesse Sylvia Listed As 3/2 To Win


The World Series of Poker main event final table resumes Monday, and the final nine will battle it out for a first-place prize of $8.5 million.

Caesars Entertainment Corp., which owns the WSOP, is accepting wagers on the event.

They are (as of Oct. 9):

The odds are subject to change.

Wagering closes right when the action kicks off.

Here are the seat positions and ages:

Seat Player Name Age
1 Russell Thomas 24
2 Jacob Balsiger 21
3 Jeremy Ausmus 32
4 Steven Gee 56
5 Greg Merson 24
6 Jesse Sylvia 26
7 Robert Salaburu 27
8 Andras Koroknai 30
9 Michael Esposito 43

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9 years ago

I had to double check my math when I figured the theoretical hold on this futures board because I couldn't believe it could possibly be that high, but sure enough, THEY ARE CHARGING A 42.6% HOLD RATE.

On a 9 entry futures bet, to charge a 42.6% hold borders on criminality. Sure, I understand they won't get high volume. and want to protect their exposure, so 12-17%, while on the high side, is understandable. 42.5% ? ARE YOU #$*%#&& KIDDING ME?

Vegas corps like Caesars aren't bookmakers, they're corporate thieves, catering to the sucker and the sap (like lotteries, state video gaming,most casino games,and horse racing). And these are the "legitimate" Nevada outlets people want to have serve online poker in the US?


9 years ago

hmm can you only place bets at Caesars in vegas?