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Dan Smith Wins More Than First Was Supposed To Get In PokerStars Sunday Million

Cashes For $219,504.25 While Original Top Prize Was About $211K


Poker pro Dan Smith did the incredible in this week’s PokerStars Sunday Million. He cashed for more than first place was scheduled to receive.

Thanks to a massive chip lead when play was five-handed, Smith took a sweet deal. When the clock was paused to figure out a split, Smith had about 45 percent of the chips in play, and his four opponents agreed to give him just under $200,000. The ammount was only about $11,000 less than what first would have taken if they finished without a deal.

According to PokersStars Blog, after some discussion the agreement was as follows:

Dan ‘Danny98765’ Smith: $199,504.25 (33,086,642 in chips, 61.1 BB)
tulipaner: $115,841.91 (13,648,882 in chips, 27.3 BB)
Karger222: $102,993.24 (10,663,672 in chips, 21.3 BB)
AMELPADRINO: $89,991.04 (7,457,758 in chips, 14.9 BB)
yurabond: $85,000.00 (5,743,046 in chips, 11.5 BB)

The deal left $20,000 for the winner, and it was Smith who was the last player standing.

His final score was for $219,504.25 — more cash than what anyone in the starting field of 7,060 could have hoped for once the payouts were posted.

Smith Tweeted about the performance, and at least one poker player appeared dumbfounded by what had happened.

Smith is currently atop Card Player’s 2012 Player of the Year race. He has cashed for more than $3.5 million in live events this year, to go along with his massive win online this week.

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over 8 years ago

I find it strange that the 2 shortest stacks agreed to a deal like that, since they've got nothing to lose by playing it out.


over 8 years ago

2 things here: 1.dan smith is clearly a world class player whos on a sick heater and destroying tourneys, impressive for sure!! 2. he not only outplayed them on the felt but in the chatbox..the art of the deal, see trumps book, its a skill in itself, well done dan!