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Pennsylvania Couple Punished For Leaving Young Kids Home Alone So They Could Gamble At Casino

Pair Receive Probation And Mandatory Community Service


A Pennsylvania couple were punished Friday for leaving their 4-year-old and 2-year-old home alone while they went to a nearby casino to gamble. reported that Ryan Feyh and Nicole Donahue each received probation and community service for the act, which happened this past May. The judge also barred them from entering casinos in the future.

The attorney for the couple reportedly told the court that they “weren’t thinking.”

According to the report, the couple’s 2-year-old son was wandering around outside alone in the early morning hours when police were notified. Officers were able to figure out that the boy came from a nearby apartment with its door ajar.

A neighbor told the police what was going on. The neighbor called the couple, and they returned home to deal with the situation. They admitted to leaving the kids so they could go gamble.

The parents have also been ordered to undergo parental counseling.

Parx Casino, where the couple went, opened in Pennsylvania in late 2009. Since its opening, there have also been more than a dozen cases of gamblers getting into trouble for leaving children unattended in parked cars, according to a July article posted on

In response, state legislation has been proposed to make such behavior a third-degree felony. The bill hasn’t seen any traction in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

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