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BetVictor Poker Launches New Online Club With Monthly Prizes

BetVictor Club Has Much To Offer Online Poker Players


BetVictor Poker has announced the launch of the latest addition to its site, the BetVictor Club.

Players can log in, create a profile, take The Quiz and if they get 80 percent or more they can be part of the brand new poker community, which is offering a world of opportunities.

The online poker club has a Free Play League with more than €10,000 in cash prizes on the line every month, members-only freerolls, money-added tournaments, and the BetVictor Club forum.

To take part in the Free Play League and all it has to offer, the quiz needs to be aced. In order to do this the BetVictor Club is there to help, offering five tutorials based on all things poker – from multi-table tournaments to cash games to bankroll management – to get players well informed before taking the quiz and then hitting the tables.

Andy Horne, head of poker at BetVictor Poker, said, “With The BetVictor Club we wanted to bring poker back to the people, make it fun again but keep the competitive edge. So we devised the Club to bring poker back to the community and the community element back to poker.

“There’s €10,000 free every month – no catches, no strings attached – plus bragging rights in the league and, we’ll be adding in more features in the weeks to come including a dedicated forum as well as an achievements based rewards system so sign up, join in, and start to win!”