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All Aboard The Switch Poker €2 Million Aeroplane

Pilot Your Own Poker Rake-Generating Aeroplane And Begin A Money-Making Journey

Print-icon, the world’s first mobile poker operator, has come up with an innovative promotion which will see its players earn up to €2 million overall.

Players can sign up to start off an “aeroplane” which they can “pilot” by asking 20 friends to sign up and become “passengers”. The pilot will earn five percent of the rake his/her passengers generate, and that’s not just for a set period of time; it goes on forever.

But wait, it gets better. Each passenger can be a pilot in their own right and form their own plane. They then encourage 20 friends to join in the fun, and when they do, the original “pilot” will earn up to five percent on the rake generated by each of the passengers of his/hers passengers’ planes.

The player or “pilot’s” passengers’ passengers can then form a plane of their own and ask another 20 friends to come aboard for the ride. This will see up to five percent of the rake generated by these new poker-loving passengers go to the original pilot who set this adventure off in the first place.

This goes on for six levels of passengers and in total gives players a cut of the rake generated by up to one million passengers, forever.

A spokesperson for said, “The sky’s the limit with our innovative new Aeroplane promotion. It really is as simple as getting your friends to sign up and play and you start earning money and with up to €2 million to be earned its just a matter of ‘how big a slice of the pie do you want?’. Buckle up, it gonna be one hell of a ride!”