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Twelve Remain At European Masters Of Poker Barcelona

EMOP Struggles To Find Final Nine; Poker Champ To Be Crowned Today


Josep Maria Galindo Lopez Credit: Danny Maxwell and European Masters Of PokerThe European Masters of Poker Barcelona has not quite found its final table but today it will continue to hunt down its champion as 12 players return to the felt for the remainder of the €1,000 + €100 buy-in main event.

The event could not compete with its main event attendance last year when 455 players entered Casino Barcelona to take part. Norwegian Andreas Hagen was the king of that castle, taking home €90,310 for first place.

This time around someone will be taking home €65,800 from a total prize pool of €271,590 for topping a field of 280. In prime position to be that “someone” is Josep Maria Galind Lopez. With 761,000, Lopez kicks off the final day at 5 p.m. (local time) as chip leader.

On the penultimate day, 88 players became 12 as the battle to find nine had to be paused for the night.

Here are the players returning and their chip counts:

Josep Maria Galind Lopez 761,000
Joakim Rahmouni 678,,000
Yosef Lahmosh 650,000
Alexander Scherdin 622,000
Sergei Petrushin 578,000
Kevin Droz 523,000
Adrian Nuñes 497,000
Marc Gonzalez 349,000
Damien Patrick Collins 309,000
Nikola Szarkezi 244,000
Palfi Pavol 236,000
Jens Hansen 171,000

Here is what they are playing for:
1. €65,800
2. €39,480
3. €25,750
4. €15,680
5. €12,320
6. €9,520
7. €8,400
8. €7,280
9. €6,160
10. €4,760
11. €4,480
12. €4,200