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Peter Konas Wins World Record Iron Man Tournament At Delaware Park

Tournament Runs For Over 36 Hours To Break World Record


Peter Konas Credit: Delaware ParkAfter a whopping 36 hours, 34 minutes and 41 seconds, the Iron Man Poker Challenge finally concluded early Monday morning at the Delaware Park poker room.

The tournament played from start to finish with no breaks whatsoever. The only time the action was paused was when tournament officials did a chip color up at each individual table.

The unique event drew a total of 192 entrants who put up the $600 buy-in and created a prize pool of $100,608, paying out 18 places.

In the end, it was the Czech Republic’s Peter Konas who claimed the victory, banking $27,160. He defeated Josh Palmer, from Hamptonville, North Carolina, who took home $16,902.

The same event was attempted in 2011 and lasted roughly 32 hours, but according to Poker Room Manager Kevin Castora, the event must last at least 36 hours to set the Guinness criteria for a marathon poker event. With Sunday’s feat, the record now sits with Delaware Park.



over 10 years ago

I played this event, and it was a blast! Kevin Castora and his staff did an amazing job running an incredible event. I lasted about 24.5 hours, getting knocked out by the eventual winner, Peter Konas, in 21st place, just out of the top-18 who received money. Peter was a very nice guy, and great player. Congrats to Peter for winning, and to Kevin and his staff for running such a great event. I hope to participate again next year. Definitely worth the trip from Vegas!