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Bodog Poker Network Launches Mac Client

Company Says Its Recreational Model being Copied By Others In Industry


The Bodog Poker Network today launches its Mac-compatible client less than a year after the launch of its new software and its Bodog Recreational Poker Model.

Network’s CEO, Jonas Odman, said, "The Mac client was always a ‘must have’ offering but to have it up within the first year of the software going live puts us well ahead of where we hoped we would be in terms of player reach at this stage.

“Now that the Mac client is ready we can concentrate on the first B2C marketing push of the Recreational Poker Model."

The company says its Recreational Poker Model has been at the forefront of recent progressive changes in the industry, particularly with regard to poker ecology.
“…many poker rooms have changed their rakeback structure to align with the model and be more attractive to depositing players rather than winning ones,” it states.

“The next stage of model introduced all-anonymous tables making data-mining impossible, again to protect the depositing player. Soon after, Microgaming made all their Heads-Up tables anonymous and PokerStars made moves to block data sites Poker-Edge and Poker Table Ratings (PTR).”

“Microgaming, last month, launched their ‘True Value’ rake system that; ‘gives greater value to new players, thus encouraging operators to acquire, retain and reactivate recreational players.’”