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Online Poker Site Removes High Stakes Cash Games To Improve Poker Ecology


High stakes action has taken a hit at as the online poker site has decided to remove much of its high stakes cash game offering. Many of its cash games are no longer available, much to players’ chagrin, and according to the site the reason for doing so boils down to poker ecology.

The official statement from PartyPoker is:

“We have removed some of our super high stake games, this decision has been taken to make improvements to our poker ecology and in our players best interests. We believe this change will improve the action at our tables and is in the best interest of the poker room as a whole.”

Other sites have made similar moves in order to try and better the flow of recreational players into games and improve overall ecology. Last year, Ongame announced that its new rake model, Essence, had increased the amount of recreational users on the network by eight percent in the six months since it was introduced. Fredrik Kjell, head of poker at Ongame, said that Essence helped to create an even healthier ecosystem.

On Jul. 1, 2012, Microgaming changed its rake structure to the True Value method. This uses a “dual layer” system which apparently allows two rake allocation systems to work in tandem. The company said that it “allocates player rake to operators based on volume, activity and win/loss ration as well as giving a higher value to new players which incentivizes operators to engage recreational players.”



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