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Level 25

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Jarrett Nash Explains Decision To Skip Day 5 of World Series Of Poker Main Event

Chose To Pass On A Potential $8.5 Million In Order To Observe The Sabbath


Nash's short stack before eliminationDespite the Main Event field shrinking on Saturday, the headline of the day was a recreational poker player electing to skip the day in order to observe the Sabbath. After repeated attempts at contacting Jarrett Nash in his Bellagio hotel room, he was finally reached.

Contrary to an original source, the religion isn’t Judaism. Nash told Card Player that he and his wife are non-denominational Christians who take a day of rest every weekend from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. “No pleasures of the self,” Nash said.

One of those pleasures was making a deep run in poker’s most prestigious tournament, but Nash is certain of his choice and has no regrets of blinding off his stack of more than 500,000. He busted in 171st for about $45,000, money, he said, that “God has a plan for.”

Despite the $8.5 million first-place prize as a potential destiny, Nash is happy taking just $45,000. He said he picked up his prize money after 8 p.m. local time.

Nash came to Las Vegas strictly to play the Main Event. He said he has no problem reconciling his fundamentalism with poker, an activity that he calls “a clean game.”

Based on the tournament’s schedule, Nash was confident he could make the money before having to take a day off. (He left before play was over on Friday, telling tournament staff he wouldn’t return). However, he was hoping that his stack would still be around after Saturday’s sundown. Still, he isn’t disappointed that he was eliminated around 6 p.m. local time.

“I knew what was going to happen,” he said.

When asked what he would say to those in the poker world who might criticize his decision, Nash said he “would always tell someone to seek the lord.”

He comes from a family of mostly Baptists. He said they are supporting and understand his decision to pass up on a potential seven-figure payday in order to stay true to his beliefs.

Card Player originally reported on the story during the afternoon — while his chip stack was still alive — speaking with Nash’s cousin who knew some information about the situation. His cousin told Card Player that it was the faith of Nash’s wife, not his own, that was the culprit for his truancy. According to Nash, both are deeply pious, and it was always a joint-decision.

Nash, who has been playing poker for three years, said he will keep entering tournaments.

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over 5 years ago

I think it's great that Nash has been able to reconcile his principles and didn't sacrifice those principles for money. And in keeping to his principles, he made a $35000 profit! If he'd have stayed in the tournament he may have made $8 million or he may have gone out the very next hand. Kudos Mr Nash!


over 5 years ago

I am a Christian. I am a poker player. I see no conflict between the two and I also see no reason to "take a day off" when playing a tournament. In fact, if a tournament plays or concludes on a Sunday, I still see no conflict. Especially if you are a recreational player. Sections of the bible tell us to to do no work on the Sabbath or in effect, take the day off from our labors. Poker is a game, not a "labor." It is, in effect, time off from our labors. So if I make day five, I'll be there, with bells on.


over 5 years ago

Walter Sobchak: Saturday, Donny, is Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest. That means that I don't work, I don't drive a car, I don't f#$*@ing ride in a car, I don't handle money, I don't turn on the oven, and I sure as shit *don't f@#$%*g roll*!


over 5 years ago

It will be the ultimate bad beat when he dies and realizes there ain't no God and he shoulda kept on playin!! What a goon!


over 5 years ago

All of you bashing him are bigots pure and simple, religious bigots. He has a right to do whatever he wants. He paid his entry fee if he wanted to move all-in every hand for the entirety of the tournament that is his choice.If wants to skip Day 4 Day 5 or the final table for that matter none of you paid his entry fee you have know say in the matter, except to show your hate and bigotry.


over 5 years ago

Oh hey look, its the same absolutely insane nutcase whos posting the same garbage on 2+2! Look, we get it, while the vast majority of America is made up of Christians and we have had every single president in the last 100 years belong to your religion, but you guys are constantly persecuted by all those religious bigots out there. Of course when a non-Christian runs for president it becomes a vitrolic hate campaign from the Christians, but theyre just "spreading the good word" and not being hateful bigots. When Christians try to force their decisions on others by passing pro-life laws or anti-gay marriage laws, theyre not being bigoted and hateful, theyre being uhhh "protective of a christian tradition"

No one is arguing that he has a right to do what he wants, people are simply expressing their right to free speech and calling a stupid action stupid. You keep starting these bizarre strawman arguments as if anyone on earth has suggested he's not allowed to play the way he wants. He can play however he pleases, but if he is an idiot people will call him an idiot. As much as you'd like Christians to be immune from ever being wrong or having people point it out, you guys only get to get special treatment 99% of the time, not 100%, sorry!


over 5 years ago

How dare you bring facts into this sir. The poor Christians have it terrible in the US. I mean, we actually let other religions exist!!!

I don't understand how feigning religious persecution isn't a grave insult to any human being thats actually been persecuted for their religion.

All throughout history all over the world its happened. Yet, instead of just enjoying how good they have it and how powerful and worldly dominating their religion is they cry about being persecuted by people making comments online.


over 5 years ago

So if you think he's stupid for doing it you are a bigot?

I always thought I could have my own opinions of other peoples actions. I didn't know not agreeing with someone made me a bigot. Thank you for educating me, I will now agree with everyone.

What do you mean he has a right to do whatever he wants??? Of course he does. Did one singe person here even come close to suggesting otherwise? Why are you stating that like its some kind of counter point?

This is a comment section about something extremely interesting in the biggest tourney of the year. Having opinions and typing them here doesn't make us hateful or bigots.