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Player Skips World Series of Poker Main Event Day 5 For Religious Observance

Jarrett Nash Blinds Off Stack of 526,000 At World Series Of Poker


Nash's short stack before eliminationJarrett Nash, a 25-year-old poker player from Texas, entered the fifth day of play at the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event with a stack of more than 500,000. However, he didn’t show up because of the Jewish Sabbath, Card Player was told over the phone by his cousin.

He blinded out in 171st place for a score of $44,655.

“He’s just not there due to his wife’s religion, I guess,” said the cousin, who wished not to be mentioned by name. “He’s in his hotel room with her until 8ish. They are recently married and what not, so this is the first time this has happened. And I believe this is his first big [poker] payout.”

The floor staff at the WSOP also confirmed the story, telling Card Player that Nash told them after day 4 that he wouldn’t show up because of the religious observance.

The cousin said that “to his knowledge” Nash isn’t even Jewish, unless he converted after the marriage.

Nash is staying in his room at the Bellagio. Card Player was connected to Nash’s room at the casino, but the attempt to contact him was unsuccessful.

His family, at first, was wondering where he was and if he was “healthy,” the cousin said.

The 2012 Main Event will award $8.5 million to the winner. Nash entered play with just 282 remaining out of the 6,598-player starting field.

Jack Effel, tournament director for the World Series, said players not showing up for the later days of tournaments for various reasons actually isn’t unheard of.

As of around 6 p.m. local time in Las Vegas, Nash hadn’t picked up his prize money.

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almost 10 years ago

why is he an idiot for sticking to his beliefs?


almost 10 years ago

He's an idiot because they weren't his beliefs, and you're an idiot for not reading.


almost 10 years ago

Regardless of his religious beliefs(or those of his wife) OR the origins of those beliefs, why would you enter a contest knowing that to complete that contest you had to be there on the sabbath?

Was he that dumb that he didn't know what day it was, or that the event takes more than 5 days to complete? Meshuggah.

Is there not also a belief about throwing your money away?
And if this was his wife's insistence, early in the marriage... Good luck to him. He's going to need it.


almost 10 years ago

He only did it to get his 15 minutes of fame, ESPN will be all over this. They will come up with some kind of reason for it to be good for the game. And we all know NORM CHAD will make up jokes about this. What a idiot.


almost 10 years ago

He isn't the first player to have his religious values have an influence on his game schedule, nor will he be the last. He merely had two life view commitments that conflicted and he abided by both by observing the Sabbeth of his wife's (and possibly his own ) religion and blinding out in the tournement.


almost 10 years ago

Not sure what all these reports are saying.
Reading the Bible,and I don’t see one verse that calls it “The Jewish Sabbath”..I read the 4th commandment.I’m pretty sure it reads Sabbath…Remember the Sabbath day,and keep it holy.Not,remember the Jewish Sabbath…Hats off to the young man.He will surely be blessed 10 fold….