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Bookie Makes Haxton Favourite Vs. Isildur In Poker Showdown

Matchbook's SuperStar Showdown Betting Market Reveals Isaac Haxton as Current Favourite


This Sunday, Mar. 11 at 12 p.m. (ET) sees Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom do battle once again in the next installment of the SuperStar Showdown. To add to the action has posted a betting market, with early bettors putting Haxton out in front as favorite.

The two faced off in the inaugural match in 2010 with stakes of $50-$100 and Haxton came out on top for more than $40,000. At time of writing, Haxton is currently leading the betting at -145 (1.69), while Blom is at +125 (2.25). Since their initial face-off however Blom has gone on to win 9 out of 10 SuperStar Showdown matches.

On Sunday, the two will reconvene on the virtual felt at PokerStars for a clash of the titans. They will play four tables of $100-$200 no-limit hold’em until 2,500 hands are played or one of them has reached the agreed stop loss.

A Matchbook spokesperson said, “Any time you have two of the best players in the world battling it out in a structured format, there will be loads of interest in betting on the match. Given Isildur’s form it seems crazy for him to be the underdog in this match. But money talks, and if anyone feels differently they will surely be accommodated."