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James Akenhead Wins Poker's Sunday Million

Poker Pro James Akenhead Celebrates Online Victory As Asprin1


James “Asprin1” Akenhead has taken down the latest Sunday Million for a hefty payday of $213,750. The British pro topped a field of 7,125 in the $215 event to take home the biggest slice of the $1,425,000 prize pool.

A multinational final table saw Denmark, Greece, Russia, England, Brazil, Germany, and Romania battle it out for all the glory. The ultimate fight saw England beat Romania and Akenhead’s heads-up opponent “pnp23” walked away with $157,277.25 for his runner-up finish.

Here are the final table chip counts:

Seat 1: Asprin1 (9,632,687)
Seat 2: Gambler4444 (6,808,092)
Seat 3: philipoo (4,921,827)
Seat 4: tyxerakias (6,657,053)
Seat 5: shibinha (4,302,114)
Seat 6: pnp23 (14,851,131)
Seat 7: Ansgar2000 (12,920,872)
Seat 8: Milana Jones (7,186,586)
Seat 9: sigopi (3,969,638)

pnp23 started the final table as the chip leader and looked set to continue that trend when he became responsible for the first knock out. However, a simple mistake made by someone else would set him back momentarily. That someone else was James Akenhead. Raising to 8,000,885 instead of 800,855, Akenhead’s misclick left him with 1.53 million behind. pnp23 made the call and when the flop came down K-10-7, Akenhead moved all in. pnp23 called and showed pocket queens but Akenhead flipped over K-10 for top two pair. A nine fell on both the turn and river and Akenhead moved out to the fore.

The hit left pnp23 with 7.53 million but that wasn’t going to slow him down. He fought his way back to threehanded when he, Akenhead, and “Ansgar2000” discussed a deal. The numbers did not sit well with Asprin1 and pnp23 so no deal was made, but a conversation led to the revelation at the final table that Asprin1 was James Akenhead. The Brit never really looked back from here. He began by knocking out Ansgar2000 with A-9 versus pocket fours, hitting an ace on the flop. The German took home $114,000 for his efforts.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 1: Asprin1 (56,844,921)
Seat 6: pnp23 (14,405,079)

pnp23 got to work quickly doubling up with A-K versus A-9 in only the second hand of heads-up play. Then it was time to discuss another deal. With Asprin1 dissatisfied with the offer, the fight resumed. Shortly after this the 2009 World Series of Poker main event and World Series of Poker Europe main event finalist took the title down. The final hand came when pnp23 made it 1.6 million and Akenhead moved all in. pnp23 called and showed pocket eights while Akenhead showed KClub Suit JHeart Suit. The flop was dealt 7Spade Suit 6Club Suit 5Club Suit and things looked good for the Romanian. However, the turn gave Akenhead some hope when it fell the 10Club Suit, and the KSpade Suit river sealed the deal.

Here are the final table results and payouts:

1. James “Asprin1” Akenhead (United Kingdom) $213,750.00
2. pnp23 (Romania) $157,277.25
3. Ansgar2000 (Germany) $114,000.00
4. Gambler4444 (Germany) $75,525.00
5. sigopi (Brazil) $58,425.00
6. Milana Jones (Russia) $44,175.00
7. shibinha (Brazil) $30,637.50
8. tyxerakias (Greece) $17,100.00
9. philipoo (Denmark) $11,043.75