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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Poker Debts And Winnings Make For Twitter Controversy This Week


It was a quiet enough week on Twitter with most talking about the first ever Epic Poker League main event, which was won by Chino Rheem. A lot of players were congratulating the finalists, especially Jason Mercier who finished in third place, and the overall champ, Rheem.

There was a lot of talk surrounding Rheem’s win however due to his previous debts to other players, and this transferred across to Twitter where Rheem stood his ground with some support.

On Aug. 11 Tony Dunst wrote, “Over/under on the amount of people that walk @Chinorheem to the cage after the Epic Poker event finishes?” To which Rheem replied on Aug. 12, “expected more from You mr dunst!”

Rheem then tweeted, “Final table of the 1st @EpicPokerLeague main event! All I wanna do is win & do the right thing! I’m so close and it feels good knowing that!”

Rheem did indeed go on to win and received many congratulations over the Twitter wires. On Aug. 14 Huck Seed wrote, “Congrats again to @ChinoRheem on a) bluffing me out of a key pot at the final table b) winning the epic poker league 1st event And c) paying out everything he won to make good on his debts #nomoreborrowing”

That same day Rheem tweeted, “Ya, I won a million bucks! And I’m still broke! But I feel better than ever! Anyone Who’ wants to judge me, y’all better know me first!” And, "I’m living my life! Broke or pumped! Ima do me! I know Who’ my friends are, I’m grateful for y’all! I love y’all! I’ll die for my team!

On Aug. 19 it came out that Rheem had been put on probation by the EPL for violating the league’s Code of Conduct as he had not paid back debts owed to other poker players. This has sparked some comments off on Twitter, for instance Nick Binger wrote, “The @EpicPokerLeague holding players accountable for debts. Bold move. Is poker finally growing up?”

Rheem has yet to Tweet about this.

Check back next week to find out the latest poker happenings on Twitter in Europe and abroad.