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World Series of Poker -- Justin Pechie Wins Event No. 41 ($1,500 Limit Hold'em Shootout)

Pechie Defeats a Talented Final Table to Win his First Gold Bracelet


Justin PechieJustin Pechie won his first gold bracelet and $167,060 in prize money on Sunday night at the 2011 World Series of Poker. He defeated Dale Eberle heads up to win the title and he stood at the top of a ten-handed final table on the final day that included Ari Engel, Jordan Rich, and Eugene Katchalov. Pechie is a 26-year-old professional poker player from Putnam, CT. He has been an online player for six years, and he has been quite successful up until the events of Black Friday. Now faced with the prospect of losing his income and livelihood, Pechie is seriously considering relocating to Canada. However, before doing so he decided to make one major trip to Las Vegas for this year’s WSOP.

“Shootouts are my favorite kind of tournament because there is more short-handed play throughout the tournament. That gives an edge to people who play short-handed. In a regular tournament, it’s always a full ring game until you make it to the final table. The shootout format gives people who play short-handed well an edge,” said Pechie after the win. He continued to comment on what the win means for his bankroll in an uncertain future, “It [the gold bracelet] means a lot. But I must be honest that the money means more, because of the Black Friday thing. So, I have a bigger cushion to fall back on, with the uncertainty of online poker. But the gold bracelet does mean a lot to me.”

Here is a look at the elimination hands for this tournament from’s live updates:

Ari Engel Eliminated in 10th Place ($10,378)Ari Engel

After being crippled in a previous hand and left with just 8,000 after Dale Eberle turned the nut flush, Ari Engel got the rest of his chips in before the flop with ASpade Suit 3Club Suit.

Stephen Bass and Justin Pechie both called from the blinds and checked it down to the river on a board of
KDiamond Suit 8Diamond Suit 4Diamond SuitKHeart Suit 9Club Suit.

Pechie turned over 10Spade Suit 4Spade Suit for two pair to win the pot. Ari Engel was the first one eliminated in 10th place ($10,378).

Christoph Kwon Eliminated in 9th Place ($13,269)
Christoph Kwon

Christoph Kwon was chiseled down to the short stack this level and eventually got it all in before the flop with
ADiamond Suit JClub Suit against Adam Tyburski’s 7Spade Suit 7Heart Suit.

The board came 10Club Suit 9Diamond Suit 3Heart Suit 4Heart Suit 6Heart Suit, no help to Christoph Kwon who was eliminated in 9th place ($13,269).

Domenico Denotaristefani Eliminated in 8th Place ($17,089)

Domenico Denotaristefani button-raised before the flop, Stephen Bass three-bet and Denotaristefani called.

The flop came AClub Suit 8Heart Suit 6Spade Suit, Bass bet and Denotaristefani called.

The turn was the 4Spade Suit, Bass checked, Denotaristefani bet, Bass check-raised, Denotaristefani three-bet all in and Bass called.

Bass turned over AClub Suit 6Diamond Suit for two pair to win the pot while Denotaristefani threw ASpade Suit 3Diamond Suit into the muck. Domenico Denotaristefani was eliminated in 8th place ($17,089).

Adam Tyburski Eliminated in 7th Place ($22,173)Adam Tyburski

Not long after busting Christoph Kwon in 9th place, Adam Tyburski found himself on the short stack.

Dale Eberle opened for a raise before the flop, Adam Tyburski reraised and Eberle called.

The flop came 7Heart Suit 6Diamond Suit 3Heart Suit, Eberle checked, Tyburski bet and Eberle called.

The turn was the 10Diamond Suit, Eberle checked, Tyburski bet, Eberle check-raised and Tyburski called all in.

Eberle was ahead with AHeart Suit 10Club Suit for top pair against Tyburski’s AClub Suit 9Club Suit.

The river was the JHeart Suit and Adam Tyburski was eliminated in 7th place ($22,173).

Stephen Bass Eliminated in 6th Place ($29,001)Stephen Bass

Stephen Bass started the level as one of the short stacks was eliminated in 6th place shortly after it began.

Mathieu Jacqmin raised before the flop, Stephen Bass three-bet from the small blind, Justin Pechie called from the big blind and Jacqmin called the raise.

The flop came ASpade Suit 8Spade Suit 7Spade Suit, Bass bet, Pechie called, Jacqmin raised, Bass called all in for 5,000 and Pechie folded.

Jacqmin lead with ADiamond Suit JHeart Suit against Bass’ 3Diamond Suit 3Club Suit.

The turn and river were the QHeart Suit and the 6Spade Suit, no help to Stephen Bass who was eliminated in 6th place ($29,001).

Jordan Rich Eliminated in 5th Place ($38,268)

Jordan Rich lost most of his chips to Mathieu Jacqmin after Jacqmin went runner-runner to make a full house, leaving Rich on the short stack. Rich got it all in before the flop on the very next hand with QSpade Suit 8Diamond Suit and ran into Dale Eberle’s ASpade Suit AHeart Suit.

The board came 4Spade Suit 4Club Suit 2Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit KSpade Suit, giving Eberle a full house on the turn. Jordan Rich was eliminated in 4th place ($38,268).

Eugene KatchalovEugene Katchalov Eliminated in 4th Place ($50,993)

Eugene Katchalov was doubled through by Dale Eberle at the beginning of Level 25 after Eberle sucked out with A – 9 against A – K on an A – 9 – 5 flop, leaving Katchalov with just 250,000.

Shortly after, Katchalov got it all in before the flop with
KClub Suit 10Heart Suit against Eberle’s 9Spade Suit 9Diamond Suit.

The board came JDiamond Suit 7Spade Suit 2Diamond Suit AHeart Suit 4Diamond Suit, no help to Eugene Katchalov who was eliminated in 4th place ($50,993).

Mathieu Jacqmin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($68,715)

Mathieu Jacqmin had the chip lead going into three-handed play but quickly lost momentum and saw his stack dissipate. On his final hand of the night, Justin Pechie raised from the small blind and Mathieu Jacqmin called from the big blind.

The flop came KDiamond Suit 7Diamond Suit 4Club Suit, Pechie bet, Jacqmin raised, Pechie three-bet and Jacqmin called.

The turn was the 2Spade Suit, Pechie bet and Jacqmin called.

The river was the JSpade Suit, Pechie bet and Jacqmin called all in. Pechie turned over KHeart Suit 2Heart Suit for two pair and Jacqmin threw a smaller two pair (jacks and sevens) into the muck. Mathieu Jacqmin was eliminated in 3rd place ($68,715) while Justin Pechie took the chip lead going into heads-up play.

Dale Eberle Eliminated in 2nd Place ($103,454)Justin Pechie

Dale Eberle entered heads-up play out-chipped by more than 2:1, and Pechie took nearly two-thirds of his stack just minutes into the final heads-up match. Pechie flopped top set and Eberle rivered top pair in a big pot that went to showdown.

That hand put Pechie up to about 4 million and left Eberle on the short stack with just 500,000. On the next hand, Eberle got it all in before the flop with QHeart Suit JHeart Suit against Pechie’s KSpade Suit 4Heart Suit.

The board came ADiamond Suit KHeart Suit 3Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit 7Spade Suit, giving Pechie middle pair on the flop to win the pot. Dale Eberle was eliminated in 2nd place ($103,454) while Justin Pechie wins the gold bracelet for Event No. 41 and the $167,060 grand prize.