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CarbonPoker's 'Super Money Tree' Promotion

Site to Award Extra Cash for VIP Points Earned This Month


Money apparently grows on trees at CarbonPoker. The online site, which welcomes U.S. players, is giving its players a chance to win extra cash by simply earning VIP points this month.

How the promotion works:

  • Play any real money ring games, tournaments or sit-and-gos and earn just 100 VIP points within any 24-hour period.
  • At the end of the month, CarbonPoker will pay you $1 for every 75 points earned on your top 5 qualifying days. However, players don’t have to stop at just five days.
  • Reach 10 qualifying days of 175+ points and receive $1 for every 55 points.
  • Reach 20 qualifying days of 250+ points for the month and receive $1 for every 25 points earned on your best 10 qualifying days.

Players must activate the Carbon Money Tree in their player admin to get things growing.

If you don’t have an account but would like to compete, click on the banner below. Card Player readers are eligible for a 200-percent deposit bonus up to $2,000.



11 years ago

You guys and gals wanna loss your poker money without playing a hand?
Go play at Carbon Poker - Im sure the site will take your money and WILL NOT give credit to you so you can play for real money.
The site is a joke and their customer support chat is a joke coz there's no one there at the other end.
I waited for almost an hour to get to the 1st queue and wasted time waiting for nothing.

This is what these poker sites are doing:
1) If you wanna deposit money to their poker room / site - theyre gonna give you a Person's Name for you
to send the money to - most of the time in the Philippines. Now, those names are not real - its just the way that these sites avoid traces from any government.
2) Once you make a request to deposit your money, you have 4 days to successfully move your money from your Bank, Credit Card or your e-Wallet company to the Person's name.
If not and it get delayed - these poker sites wont accept your deposit because your transaction to that Person's name already expired.
That is just fuckin stupid!
So, you gotta contact your e-Wallet company to cancel your money transfer and hoping you wont get robbed.
3) On the other hand, lets say your deposit went through and the Person picked-up your money transfer.
The problem that I experienced was - the Poker sites took so long to verify my deposit so I can play for real money.
Come on! The money is already picked-up by the Person working for them.
I tried contacting them about the issue (after 4 days) using Email and Chat. Heres the email that I usually get from Carbon Poker:

"Thank you for contacting us!
We've generated a reference number to track your inquiry: XXXXXXXXXXX,
so please use this in any further communication about this particular issue. You can expect a reply to your email in 4 - 8 hours.

Kind regards,
Player Services

Should you require a speedier resolve, please click on the link below to chat live with one of our representatives:

CarbonPoker Support
Who said money doesn't grow on trees? It does at CarbonPoker!
Win as much free cash as you can with our Super Money Tree promotion!"

4) The email above is a JOKE! Those inquiry number is just a random numbers they generated and when you mentioned that to your next email or chat - they got no clue.
The email also mentioned a reply email from them within 4 - 8 hours. Lol.... thats a big joke!