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Top Sites Still Accepting U.S. Players

Card Player Readers are Eligible for Deposit Bonuses


While a number of online sites have bailed out of the United States market, pending legal issues, some of the other top online sites in the world are still around and accepting Americans. Check out the internet poker operators below and take advantage of generous deposit bonuses, available exclusively through

1. PokerView

PokerView, which is a licensed and registered legal business located in Malta, is the world’s first webcam poker site. It’s where you’ll be able to play real live poker from anywhere in the world. It’s a fun and safe place to play real poker with real people all over the globe, for real or play money. PokerView offers a range of poker games including Texas hold’em, Omaha, and seven-card stud. With ring games running non-stop and tournaments starting every minute, you can always be part of the real poker action with PokerView. The online site, which has 24/7 live support, also offers a small poker school to give new players information on how to begin competing at the tables.

Card Player readers are eligible to get a deposit bonus of 100 percent up to $600.

2. Card Player Poker

Poker fans who want to get in on some action can legally and safely do so with Card Player Poker. The free play and subscription-based poker client awards more than $100,000 in monthly prizes. Join the VIP membership club for added benefits for only $19.99 per month. Whether you are just learning about poker or are an experienced player, Card Player Poker offers something for everyone. Members can take advantage of free Texas hold’em, while competing for cash prizes, UFC and WWE gear and tickets, electronics such as cameras, TVs, and iPads, vacations, and much more.

3. Bodog

Bodog is an online gambling site offering sports betting, Las Vegas style casino games and online poker with great betting odds, elite customer service and fast payouts. Bodog runs online poker cash game tables 24/7 with buy-ins from $2 to $2,000, multitable tournaments with buy-ins from $1 to $500 (totaling about $4 million in guarantees per month), and sit-and-gos with many different formats, such as turbos and shorthanded.

Card Player readers are eligible for a deposit bonus up to $1,100.

4. CarbonPoker

CarbonPoker is on the Merge Gaming platform, offering a range of poker games, with a rapidly expanding player base. CarbonPoker support is responsive, fast, and courteous. With a variety of stakes, games, and promotions, CarbonPoker has something to offer players of all experience levels and bankroll sizes. The site provides many disciplines of poker, as well as blackjack and a slew of other gambling games. The poker software has unique features, allowing players to run it twice, rabbit hunt, expose one card, and much more. Players can also earn VIP rewards for honing their skills at CarbonPoker.

Card Player readers are eligible for a deposit bonus of 200 percent up to $2,000.

5. Poker Host

Poker Host, part the Merge Gaming Network, is home to more than 12,000 players at peak times, outstanding promotions and live support agents. The site offers a plethora of games, such as five-card draw, five-card stud, badugi, Omaha eight-or-better, Omaha high, Texas hold’em, razz, triple draw, seven-card stud and seven-card stud eight-or-better. The site is also home to multitable tournaments and sit-and-gos, where players can earn Loyalty Points to be redeemed for prizes at the new Loyalty Store. Poker Host also has casino games and sports betting, offering its players many ways to get in on some action.

Card Player readers are eligible for a deposit bonus of 200 percent up to $2,000.



11 years ago

Cake Poker is also an option. I have been playing at Cake for 4 years. I play small stakes. Mostly sit and goes. Have played over 600 real money sit and goes. Nobody plays that long and that many on a site they don't like. It works for me. Hopefully the DOJ will not bother with the remaining 1% of online players. I tried the merge network and didn't like it. I'm staying at Cake.


11 years ago

If they shut cardplayer down you would have no forum to post your baseless comments about people who are better than you in all facets of life.


11 years ago

Cake Poker is also an option.


I just got a Cake account started this week. I like it as much as PokerStars or FullTilt. In fact, the lack of ability to use tracker software and HUDs is a big plus for me. I like a game closer to real poker and I guess this is about as good as it gets online.

I just wish Cake had more players. Couldn't get a SNG last night in my price range.


11 years ago

Hmm. CardPlayer poker is listed second. Does that mean CardPlayer recommends PokerView over CardPlayer? :^)

Re # players: That's a good point. I signed up with Cake and Carbon last night and the player counts were significantly different. (Less so this morning.) Rather than me sign up with all of them to see the counts, can some of you who are members of the other sites report their player counts? Thanks.

Here's the counts for Cake and Carbon, Saturday 9:30AM EST:
Cake 2100
Carbon 4750


11 years ago

Never mind. I just found a site that reports traffic for the top 48 poker sites.
There are other sites that report traffic but this one seems the best. I only looked at 4 though.
The Pokerscout list tells you if the site accepts US players.


11 years ago

You guys and gals wanna loss your poker money without playing a hand?
Go play at Carbon Poker - Im sure the site will take your money and WILL NOT give credit to you so you can play for real money.
The site is a joke and their customer support chat is a joke coz there's no one there at the other end.
I waited for almost an hour to get to the 1st queue and wasted time waiting for nothing.

This is what these poker sites are doing:
1) If you wanna deposit money to their poker room / site - theyre gonna give you a Person's Name for you
to send the money to - most of the time in the Philippines. Now, those names are not real - its just the way that these sites avoid traces from any government.
2) Once you make a request to deposit your money, you have 4 days to successfully move your money from your Bank, Credit Card or your e-Wallet company to the Person's name.
If not and it get delayed - these poker sites wont accept your deposit because your transaction to that Person's name already expired.
That is just f**kin stupid!
So, you gotta contact your e-Wallet company to cancel your money transfer and hoping you wont get robbed.
3) On the other hand, lets say your deposit went through and the Person picked-up your money transfer.
The problem that I experienced was - the Poker sites took so long to verify my deposit so I can play for real money.
Come on! The money is already picked-up by the Person working for them.
I tried contacting them about the issue (after 4 days) using Email and Chat. Heres the email that I usually get from Carbon Poker:

"Thank you for contacting us!
We've generated a reference number to track your inquiry: XXXXXXXXXXX,
so please use this in any further communication about this particular issue. You can expect a reply to your email in 4 - 8 hours.

Kind regards,
Player Services

Should you require a speedier resolve, please click on the link below to chat live with one of our representatives:

CarbonPoker Support
Who said money doesn't grow on trees? It does at CarbonPoker!
Win as much free cash as you can with our Super Money Tree promotion!"

4) The email above is a JOKE! Those inquiry number is just a random numbers they generated and when you mentioned that to your next email or chat - they got no clue.
The email also mentioned a reply email from them within 4 - 8 hours. Lol.... thats a big joke!


11 years ago

No reason for u.s. players to play at all on any of the remaining sites honestly. The games suck, the sites suck, and the likelihood of you actually getting your money out of the site, is low, and even if you do it's going to take ages. I for one am not playing online until it's legal because i'm so sick of the ridiculous delays cashing out. Remember when party poker had 12 hour cash outs? I sure do.