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Tournament Poker Edge on Card Player

Training Site Led by Casey 'bigdogpckt5s' Jarzabek


Casey JarzabekTournament Poker Edge is a poker training site dedicated exclusively to multitable tournament poker. The site’s stable of pros include Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek, Jon “Wein” Wein, Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin, Tim “TTwist” Kelly, Shaun “Cougars4444” Hendrickson, and Charles “Hagbard Celine” Sizemore.

The site releases a new training video Monday through Friday. These videos include live sweats, in addition to theory videos reviewing hands that demonstrate specific topics such as three-betting, post flop and river play, and playing small pocket pairs. The site also offers tournament poker related articles, pro blogs, and a member forum.

On Monday, the training site released part III in a series on early stage play in multitable tournaments. The video, led by Hendrickson, offers players 55 minutes worth of valuable knowledge for the middle stakes of these types of tournaments.

Last week, Wein hosted a new video where he gives commentary on the replay of the PokerStars Sunday Million. All hole cards are exposed as Wein analyzes all of the play at the Sunday major. The training lesson, which is the final part in the series, focuses on concepts such as final table play, heads-up strategy, independent chip model (ICM), stack sizes, and table dynamics.

If you don’t have an account but would like to check out the training videos, as well as the rest of the site’s library of resources, click on the banner below. Card Player readers are eligible for a no sign-up fee and many membership options.