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UB Bad Beat Jackpot Passes $1 Million

Bad Beat Victim to Receive Minimum of $325K


Update: The UB Bad Beat Jackpot was hit for $340,000 when “ODESSA99,” from New York, lost with four queens to the quad kings of “FARFLUNG” at a $0.50-$1. The winner of the hand took home a six-figure prize as well.

As of around 6 p.m. PT Monday, the UB Bad Beat Jackpot had passed $1 million — and it was still growing.

“It’s an insane amount of money with our Bad Beat Jackpot hitting a million bucks, and a few people are going to make a lot of money in an instant. It’s getting to the point where there just isn’t anything sensible to say about our Bad Beat Jackpot,” Team UB Pro Joe Sebok said in a press release. “We are pumped to be in this position, to set this record, and to make some of our players very, very happy.”

Whenever the record-breaking jackpot is hit the money will split the following ways:

  • 25 percent rolls over to the next Bad Beat Jackpot
  • 10 percent goes to the house

Of the remaining 65 percent:

  • 50 percent goes to the bad beat victim (losing with quad eights or better)
  • 25 percent goes to the winner of the hand
  • $1,000 goes to every other player at the table
  • The rest is divided among everyone playing the same game type and stakes when the bad beat takes place (provided they meet the requirements of qualification)

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