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Ashton Griffin Wins $300K in Ultramarathon Prop Bet

Cash Game Pro Runs 70 Miles in 24 Hours this Past Friday


Ashton Griffin -- in blackFor cash game pro Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin 113K wasn’t a continuation bet this past Friday. The 22-year-old ran 113 kilometers, or 70 miles, during a 24-hour period in a massive prop bet.

Griffin, a former high school cross country runner and collegiate wrestler, stood to lose $900,000 if he failed to record the distance on a treadmill. With just 45 minutes to spare in the challenge, Griffin took his roommate and Full Tilt Red Pro, Haseeb Qureshi, for $300,000. According to Griffin, Justin “BoostedJ” Smith booked a small $15,000 win when the bet was finished successfully.

The idea came to fruition just nine minutes after Griffin and Smith were talking on Skype about running endeavors.

“I decided on a number that I could actually run, and that people would actually bet against,” Griffin said. “70 miles seemed to be the ideal number.”

The decision to run nearly three standard marathons in a single day was so impromptu that, according to Griffin, he had only received four hours of the sleep after going out to a basketball game and concert the night before.

“I had no idea I was going to do anything of that nature the night before,” Griffin said. “In fact I hit my head extremely hard on a seat diving for a t-shirt at a Heat-Magic game, and had six drinks at a Wolfgang Gartner concert at the House of Blues in Orlando.”

Griffin resting at the 2010 WSOPWith a mid-race diet consisting of water, Gatorade, Power Bars, and spaghetti, Griffin was experiencing stomach pain while eating with moving rubber under his feet.

“The wrestling has trained my mind to push my body beyond its breaking point,” said Griffin, who took hour-long naps every 15 miles. “I wasn’t going to break in this bet.”

Despite Griffin being in tremendous physical condition, the nosebleed regular won’t be competing in any marathon poker sessions in an attempt to break Phil Laak’s official world record of 115 hours of continuous poker, which was set this past summer.

“I feel like anything involving poker and endurance is pretty silly,” Griffin said. “I think that’s more of a test of how degenerate you are or how poor your body handles itself. Having the ability to go without sleep for a long period of time is a result of doing extremely negative things to your body.”

Griffin’s prop bet joins the list of other bodily challenges among the poker community: vegetarian Howard Lederer eating a cheeseburger for $10,000, the six-foot-seven-inch Huck Seed learning how to do a standing back flip in two months, and this past summer Ted Forrest winning $2 million by dropping down to 139 pounds.



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don't leave us in suspense, did he get the t-shirt?