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Love Is In The Air On Ladbrokes Poker Cruise

Ladbrokes Poker Cruise 2011 Sees Big Winners In Both Poker And Love


Alan and ElisaTwo poker players who stepped aboard the Ladbrokes Poker cruise this week were not just looking to be lucky at cards, but also lucky in love. They successfully proved the latter when on the cruise’s fifth day, everyone got to celebrate two engagements, along with some big winners.

The first newly-engaged couple was Alan Hayter and Elisa who actually met on the last cruise. Alan popped the question at the exact time they met three years ago. Elisa said, “…I hope that his luck in love will turn into luck on the tables and we can go home for a double celebration!”

The second couple was Simran Mahon and Charlotte Northern. Mahon said, “The nerves I get when playing a big hand is nothing compared to how nervous I was before popping the question. I am so happy she said yes, this really has been the most amazing trip. It is going to be hard to concentrate on the tables after this!”

Estelle Bentall-Lynch from Ladbrokes Poker said, “We are delighted for the couples, and we hope that they will be raising a family and have a full house before long! It has been an amazing trip so far and this really has been the icing on the cake for us. We are going to have to put our thinking caps on to work out how to make our next event even better."