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Doubles Poker Championship Down To 3 Teams

Team of Tony G-David Benyamine Is Eliminated


The Doubles Poker Championship continues Saturday on GSN.The second installment of the Full Tilt Poker’s Doubles Poker Championship finals aired Saturday on GSN, and the first team has been eliminated from the final table.

The previous installment of the final table concluded with all four teams still remaining in the hunt for the $1 million first-place prize. Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon (873,000) held the chip lead after being involved in some of the show’s biggest hands. They were followed by the teams of Chris Ferguson and Phil Ivey (593,000), Tony G and David Benyamine (389,000) and Huck Seed and Allen Cunningham (145,000).

Going into the second round of final table action, Seed-Cunningham were low on chips but came out swinging. With blinds starting at 8,000-16,000, Seed moved all in preflop with ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit and was called by Lederer with his KHeart SuitJSpade Suit. Big slick held and Seed-Cunningham doubled up early in the action.

The very next hand had the same result. Lederer raised to 47,000 preflop with AClub Suit9Spade Suit and Seed reraised holding 5Heart Suit4Heart Suit. Lederer called and hit top pair on a ASpade Suit7Diamond Suit4Diamond Suit flop. Cunningham bet 80,000 with bottom pair and Gordon moved all in. Cunningham used a team timeout to discuss the hand with Seed, and they eventually decided to call.

Seed-Cunningham were trailing with their tournament life on the line. The 8Spade Suit turn card gave them a few more outs in the form of a straight draw, but they were still in trouble. The river brought just what they needed, as the 6Club Suit completed their straight and doubled them up for the second consecutive hand. A few pots later the former short-stack had taken over the final table chip lead.

But the first final table elimination came when Lederer-Gordon got the best of a new opponent. With blinds getting high, Tony G called preflop with QDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit and Lederer raised with A-Q. G moved all in and Lederer called, having G-Benyamine covered.

The board ran K-8-5-8-6, making G-Benyamine the first elimination of the final table. The team earned $100,000 for their fourth-place showing.

The teams of Lederer-Gordon, Seed-Cunningham, and Ferguson-Ivey still remain. Final table action continues Saturday at 9 p.m. on GSN.