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World Poker Tour -- Foxwoods World Poker Finals Day 1

Slow Play Reigns on Day 1 in Connecticut


Matt BradyDay 1 at the World Poker Tour $10,0000 no-limit hold’em main event, the marquee tournament in the World Poker Finals tournament series at Foxwoods Resort Casino began today in Connecticut and 238 players entered the tournament. Registration will remain open through the end of level 1 tomorrow so official prize pool information won’t be available until tomorrow.

A few players from the World Series of Poker Circuit Midwest Regional Championship finalists are expected to start play tomorrow, including Shannon Shorr, Curt Kohlberg, and Foxwoods official spokesman Bernard Lee.

The first day of play was noteworthy for how many players survived. After five levels of play today just 61 players had busted out of the tournament. The fallen included David Williams, David Fox, Jeff Madsen, Dwyte Pilgrim, Amnon Filippi, Adam Levy, Cliff Josephy, Bobby Suer, Soheil Shamseddin, Nenad Medic, and Matt Brady, who busted right near the night.

Hand of the Day:

Matt Brady Eliminated as Time Expires

McLean Karr checked a 8Heart Suit 6Club Suit 4Spade Suit flop and the button bet 1,700 out of turn in front of Matt Brady. Brady was given the option to check and did so to commit the button to his bet. Karr called the bet and then Brady raised all in for 8,725. The button made the call and Karr mucked. Their cards:

Brady: 9Club Suit 7Club Suit
Button: 6Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit

Turn and River: 9Diamond Suit 6Spade Suit

Brady was eliminated on the hand, just short of advancing to day 2.

The leader board features many of the usual suspects, including Mohsin Charania, Erik Cajelais, Mike Beasley, Jason Somerville, and John Cernuto, but there are also many fresh faces at the top that will be challenging for their first WPT title. Check back tomorrow night for another recap of the day’s events and official prize pool information.

Day 1 Notables Chip Counts:

Lance Steinberg 144,000
Mohsin Charania 134,900
Mike Beasley 115,000
Erik Cajelais 110,925
Ehsan Ghods 98,675
Alex Muscarella 93,000
Jason Somerville 92,725
Artyem Perlov 92,550
Besnik Ziba 90,225
Miami John Cernuto 90,125
Ofir Mor 82,325
Matt Stout 78,150
Christian Harder 70,225
Micah Raskin 69,425
John Leontakianakos 67,400
Tom Noyes 59,325
Gavin Smith 58,875
McLean Karr 58,000
Hoyt Corkins 57,375
Men Nguyen 56,900
Allen Kessler 56,475
Jason Mercier 53,150
Darryll Fish 52,000
Thomas Marchese 50,000
Howard Lederer 49,000
Steve Barshak 48,000
Matt Glantz 47,500
Keith Crowder 45,700
David Peters 45,000
Vanessa Selbst 45,000
Barry Greenstein 44,325
Christopher Hunichen 44,000
Dan O’Brien 41,275
Jacob Bazeley 41,000
Chad Brown 40,950
Keven Stammen 40,000
Eric Froehlich 39,875
Erik Seidel 39,550
Jonathan Little 39,350
Ronnie Bardah 39,150
Jared Jaffee 36,000
Jeff Papola 35,875
Brock Parker 35,800
Chris McCormack 35,000
Josh Arieh 34,850
Grant Lang 34,825
James Campbell 34,400
Natale Kuey 34,000
Todd Terry 33,475
Billy Pilossoph 33,000
Ben Klier 31,000
Josh Bergman 31,000
Anthony Spinella 30,000
James Carroll 29,500
Jacobo Fernandez 29,000
Steve Sung 28,000
Brian Lemke 28,000
Joseph Udine 27,000
Carlos Mortensen 26,825
Olivier Busquet 26,175
Kyle Bowker 26,000
Jonathan Aguiar 25,275
Kathy Liebert 24,775
Will Failla 24,200
Bryan Piccioli 23,600
Nick Schulman 22,300
Justin Smith 20,000
Sorel Mizzi 20,000
Andy Frankenberger 18,025
John Dolan 18,000
Frank Calo 15,000
Brandon Novena 14,975
Steve Brecher 14,000
Michael Sica 12,000
Mike Vela 11,000
Victor Ramdin 11,000
Vinny Pahuja 10,000
Jonathan Jaffe 10,000
Tomislav Dobrilovic 9,000
Leonard Cortellino 7,000
Cornel Cimpan 6,700