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In-depth Hand Range Analysis

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Sep 05, '16


This blog post is an experiment. I have been trying to figure out a good way to help amateur poker players better understand how to put players on hand ranges in a clear, easy to understand format. I am considering writing a book using the format below and I want to see what you think about it. Please let me know in the Comment section below. Thank you!

This blog post would likely be near the end of the book, after it is fully discussed how to put someone on a reasonable preflop range. I also have to figure out how to add weighted ranges in a visual format. Writing books is hard work!


At 100/200-25 with 25,000 effective stacks, a good, loose, aggressive played raised to 525 from the lojack seat.

The lojack’s preflop raising range is:


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Jonathan Little is a two-time World Poker Tour champion with more than $6 million in tournament winnings.

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almost 2 years ago

tao will speak
tao says on flop hero has 33% pot equity (using tao poker math)
tao says hero pot odds on flop is 19%
tao says hero on turn has 36% pot equity (using tao poker math )
tao says pot odds on turn is 29%
tao says hero on river has 32% pot equity (using tao poker math )
tao says hero has pot odds on river of 29%
tao says tao poker math uses math only no quess work just math using good
old school of reward vs risk (pot equity vs pot odds) very simple very fast and works in the heat of battle


almost 2 years ago

tao will speak agian
tao says mr little is a good player and teacher
tao says mr little playing stats are 26/18/2.3 (vp/pfr/af )
tao says that makes mr little a tight aggressive solid pofile (tag )
tao says mr little plays smart smallball

tao will now do hand range using tao poker math
preflop villian hand range is 20%-25%
flop hand range 20%-25%
turn hand range is 20%_25%
river hand range is 16%-20%

tao says hero won the hand range war on every street (flop,turn, river) (using tao poker math )
tao says results are close to mr little system but tao poker math is faster and very simple and works in the heat of battle
tao has spoken


almost 2 years ago

tao will speak
tao says what makes it fast and simple
risk vs reward is the ? (am i getting the best of it)
tao poker math will give the player a % number of the reward part of the ?
the risk part is pot odds
so if the risk % (pot odds) is less than reward % (using tao poker math)
u the player will be getting the best of it
short and simple
now using tao poker math the above hand the hero had the best of it on all three streets just like mr little system except it takes 4 seconds instead of 5 minutes that makes it faster (by the way a lot of top players use a system like mr little and it works but its hard to master)
tao says a ten year old child with basic math can master tao poker math and become expert in 20 minutes
fast and simple
tao has spoken


almost 2 years ago

tao says too good to be true
tao says send any hand flop turn river to

and tao will send you the risk % of the hand
and you the player make up your own mind if tao poker math
is to good to be true (getting the best of it)(a poker theory
written 40 years ago by david sklansky )


almost 2 years ago

tao will speak
tao says to mr little using your system what are your numbers if lets say the 2
players did not fold and stayed all way to the river making this a 4-way pot

tao says using tao poker math hero numbers are (4-way pot)
hero on flop # is 24%
hero on turn # is 30%
hero on river # is 20%
tao says using tao poker math took 5 seconds per street