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Busy Busy Busy

by Chris Moorman |  Published: Nov 26, '14


Yesterday I realized that my last blog was nearly three months ago! So I made a conscious effort today to sit down and write about everything I’ve been up to lately. The last 3 months have actually been non-stop with the release of my book and traveling across three continents to play live and online tournaments.

September was WCOOP on Pokerstars and I decided to go to one of my favourite places in the world, Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. In my opinion the time zone for playing here is the best out there because you get to live as normal a life as possible which really helps for such a long series. On the rare occasion that I was able to take a day off in the series it’s also really nice to have great weather and a beach within 50 metres of our place. Unfortunately for me the WCOOP grind didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I started off strongly by winning the Winamax €300 6 max PLO event for just under €20k but although I had 8 WCOOP cashes none of them were that significant. Particularly disappointing was bubbling both the $10k high roller event and the $5k main as they are two of the biggest online tourneys of the year. All in all though I was happy with how I played which is the main thing.

Chris Moorman and friends in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

From Mexico I headed off to London for a month which I was really excited about. I hadn’t been home for a long time so it was great to catch up with family and friends and competing in EPT London is always very compelling. EPT London is my dream tourney to win because my parents and all my friends would be able to watch the final table live and EPT’s are also very prestigious themselves. I ended up making a real run at the main event but ultimately came up short and finished in 38th place. My tables throughout the tournament were incredibly tough and it increased my hunger to win an EPT because it really is the best of the best who play them. During this tournament I ran a competition with the winner getting a free % of myself. It was great that I went deep and the woman who won, Truly Ko, got a sweat at winning a nice sum of money. Unfortunately she had to settle for $200 but hopefully she can spin it up in the poker challenge she set for herself over the coming months. I’m determined to win big for one of my poker fans in the near future and have a huge promotion involving my book which I will mention in my blog next week.

Chris Moorman Playing Poker 2014 EPT London

Another reason why I was in London was for my official book launch at the Vic Casino. It was really cool that they supported me and were able to provide us with such a wonderful venue for it. The whole event was a blast and went really smoothly, even my speech! It was awesome to finally get my hands on a real live copy of the book and I felt a great sense of accomplishment with what I had achieved. All those hours putting it together were definitely worth it in the end. It’s crazy to think that I’m a published author now, something I would never have imagined even a year ago. The reviews I have read for the book so far have been great and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from people. I really do think it can help your game considerably and I can think of much worse Christmas gifts!

Chris- Moorman and friends Moorman Book of Poker - Launch Party

From London I headed off to South Africa for the WPT there and more importantly a holiday in Africa (a continent I had never been to before.) This trip more than lived up to my expectations. Katie and I spent 2 weeks there but the time flew by and even though we packed so much into our trip (safari, shark cage diving, elephant sanctuary and lion parks) there were so many other things that we wanted to do that we didn’t have time for. My two favourite parts of the trip were the short trip to Cape Town we took and a visit to the monkey sanctuary that we hadn’t actually planned for. The monkey sanctuary happened to be right next to the more well known elephant sanctuary and in our rush to make sure we got to the Elephants on time we actually had a spare hour to spend with the monkeys beforehand. The monkeys were incredibly friendly and unlike in most zoos I’ve been to before they had a huge area to live and play in. All of the monkeys seemed incredibly happy and most were bold enough to approach us and hangout. One guy in particular, named Mr T, had no fear at all and for the course of the next hour we became best mates. When it was time for me to leave he even refused to let go and clung to me so much the guide had to practically pull him off my shoulders.


Cape Town was perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever been. I hate to sound cliché but it really did look like a postcard there. While we were in Cape Town we took a tour out to Gansbaii where they have a large population of Great White sharks and cage diving tours. Funnily enough it was almost one of the most disappointing things I’ve ever done because it was out of season for sharks. The first two hours on the boat were spent anxiously searching for sharks to no avail. My mind was starting to drift and become frustrated that I was missing the Kickoff online for nothing. Then out of nowhere we saw a huge great white shark and there wasn’t even time to get nervous as we were jumping right into the shark cage and less than a foot away from the sharks mouth! The diving was a huge buzz and something that I’d highly recommend others to do.


As for the poker in South Africa I ended up playing two live events. The first of which was a $6k high roller event with a small field of 55 entrants after rebuys. I was happy to only be in for 1 bullet and despite nearly bubbling was a huge chipleaer with 4 players left having nearly half of the chips in play. From there things didn’t really go to plan though. I ended up making a bad river call getting 4 to 1 on a call with trips but in reality my opponent always had a flush or straight in this spot. After that things didn’t go my way and I ended up getting third for $37k. All in all it guaranteed me a profitable trip but I really wanted to have the problem of trying to transport their cool trophy home!

The last part of my trip was the WPTUK in Nottingham at the Dusk Till Dawn casino. Simon Trumper and Rob Yong run things at DTD and if you’ve never played there before I urge you to in the near future. They really look after the players and are always setting ambitious guarantees. Without them who knows where UK poker would be right now. As for the main event it was a £3k re-entry and after quickly dusting off my first bullet I managed to double even quicker with my second. Day 1 went really well for me as I finished with a top 10 stack and even managed to sell 10 books to my opponents at the table!

Day 2 was much more of a grind and at one point I even had to fold AA with the Ah on a 234 all heart board. It was a weird situation where I knew I was behind because of the heavy 3 way action in a 4 way pot but there was so much money in the pot that I was almost getting the right price. In the end I decided to fold because I felt it was likely that the two all in opponents both had a flush and being only 10 places till the money it would be ICM suicide to draw at the remaining 4 hearts. Luckily my decision was vindicated when my opponents had KJ and Q8 of hearts. Obviously we should never be results orientated in poker but it definitely helped that the board ended up bricking off!


Day 3 started with 51 players left, 45 of which would cash. There were going to be 6 very disappointed people and obviously I wasn’t trying to be one of them but I figured that I would go into hyper aggressive mode because with a big min cash of £6k and people playing for 3 days and not being in the money yet there would definitely be some scared money about. Things in poker don’t always go to plan though and after I lost a big flip early into the day I found myself being the one sitting out until we made the money! Shortly after the bubble burst I reshoved KQ into AJ and couldn’t get lucky. Another cash and deep run though is good for confidence and I feel like I’m in a great position to make another big live final table at either GUKPT Grand Final or EPT Prague which will be my last two live events of the year.

Lastly, I have an exciting huge promotion coming up which will be open to anyone with a copy of Moorman’s Book of Poker. Check back for my next blog next week where I will share all of the details and don’t forget to buy your copy to be eligible..this will be a prize you don’t want to miss.

Link to buy the book is here:

Chris Moorman - Moorman1 Moorman's Book of Poker | Best New book on Poker and #1 Amazon Bestseller List

Chris Moorman is one of the most accomplished live and online poker players in the world. In 2013, the British pro became the first and only online player to cross the $10 million in tournament earnings mark. He followed that up by winning the WPT L.A. Poker Classic in 2014.

You can read more about Chris on his website, like his facebook page, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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