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Poker Friends

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Jul 29, '16


I just returned from a short trip to Branson, Missouri, with a group of female poker players. I met this group many years ago when they hired Jan Fisher and me to tutor and mentor them in poker. We have become lifelong friends and we get together at least once a year in Branson. We rent a 4+ bedroom condo or cabin and we go to shows once or twice a day and shop and the ladies cook for us…it’s a treat to get homemade meals when on the road.

We also play poker in our spare time. When we are done, we critique the play and review lessons from the past as well as discuss poker tips and current trends. A few of the women had “ah ha” moments when some of their poker questions were answered. In fact, I just got an email from them saying that several of the group members had made the final table at a major tournament in Durant the week after we were in Branson; congrats ladies!

We are going through an fascinating time in politics. I watched both the DNC and the RNC and found them to be “interesting” to say the least. I enjoy talking politics; I am a strong believer in everyone’s right to an opinion and when it differs from mine, I’m curious about why they believe what they believe. I’m shocked at how many people aren’t open to other people’s viewpoints. In fact, I’ve heard that some people have gone so far as to “unfriend” anyone who has different point of view. I love our country and still cry when “I’m Proud to be an American” or the National Anthem is played. The thing I like best about Branson is that at EVERY show there, one of the performers gives a patriotic speech and asks the veterans to stand up and be recognized.

On the way home from Branson, Jan and I flew to Sacramento to put on an 8-hour seminar for a group of 20 female poker players called the Pirates. The Pirates meet every few weeks and play tournaments together. These ladies were awesome…they paid close attention and were willing to open their minds to learn and try some new approaches to the game. Thanks so much to Loretta “Lo” Sax for driving us around and taking us to Stones one of the great local cardrooms and to Cathy and JoDee for setting up the seminar and hosting it and to all the ladies who attended and helped with the delicious meals served that day.

I’m sure I made some new friends in Sacramento and will look forward to seeing them again. Shortly I’ll be heading to Copenhagen for three Card Player Cruises trips with lots of poker players who have become friends. Poker has a way of uniting people.

Linda Johnson
Card Player Cruises

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