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Vacations are fun!

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Jul 24, '14


Let’s face it…vacations are fun! I have the good fortune of having a best friend whose family has a beach house in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. (Thanks Jan Fisher!) Every summer we are invited to spend a week there and it is something I look forward to all year. Here is the view from my bedroom:
While on vacation, I like to relax, go to theaters, shop, cook, and walk on the beach. I also let my mind wander. Here are a few random thoughts that came to me today:

1) Humidity sucks! In Las Vegas, it is 110 but feels like 90. Here in North Carolina, it is 90 but feels like 110.
2) There are a lot of movies I want to see.
3) I miss the Wednesday Poker Discussion Group meetings when I am out of town.
4) How did I get to be 60-years old? I sure don’t feel like it and hopefully don’t act like it.
5) I am so grateful for poker. It has brought me a wonderful life.

This is going to be a short one because the beach is calling my name. I hope each of you gets to take a vacation soon.

Linda Johnson

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over 8 years ago

nice view! and ive been wanting to go on a cardplayer cruise for a long time and i think this winter im gona make it a point to do so

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