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The 2014 WSOP is over for me - now smelling the roses :-)

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Jul 09, '14


The 2014 WSOP is over for me, though there are still thousands in the running for the big score in the main event. I had a great time playing live games during the Series, which is why I only entered one tournament at the Rio this year.

I want to commend all the floorpeople who worked in the Omaha/8 section during the WSOP this year. Putting all the O/8 games in one area was brilliant and made things run better than in prior years. The floorpeople were knowledgeable, professional, and were able to think outside of the box on the few occasions that interesting decisions were needed. The dealers were better than usual, so all in all, my WSOP experience was awesome.

I am now on a much needed vacation from playing poker and am visiting my mother in Long Beach, California for a few days. She is an amazing woman! I think someone forgot to tell her she is going to be 86-years old this year. She drove to the airport to pick me up, then worked in her garden when we got home. Next we took a one-mile walk together before going shopping and out to dinner. I took her dancing last night and tonight. Lucky for me, I got some great videos of her on the dance floor that I will cherish forever.I’ll be here a few more days and will try to keep up with her.:)

It’s good to take time to stop and smell the roses. Spend some time with someone you love. Take a mini-vacation. While you are away from the green felt, you can still spend lots of hours reading tweets from the main event, following Poker News, and perusing Two Plus Two.

Linda Johnson
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