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Poker is Fun!

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Jun 17, '14


I read a tweet that said the theme of the 2014 WSOP is “bring back the fun.” I tweeted back my immediate reaction which was “I don’t understand those who say we need to “bring the fun back to poker”. I’ve had fun playing for 40+ years including 34 years @wsop. Immediately I started getting notifications that a lot of people were retweeting my tweet.

Someone then asked me if I thought today’s culture is different and my response was “Fun is in the eye of the beholder. If you love the game, love poker, and keep it in perspective, you will have fun at the table.” I realize that I may be old school, however, even in my younger days, I don’t think I would have found it fun when people misbehave and criticize and berate their opponents. Someone mentioned how much fun it was the year that the player was barking loudly every time he won a pot. Again, this isn’t my idea of fun; doing it once would have been funny…doing it over and over for days is annoying and distracting in my opinion.

I think poker needs color, but I prefer the type of color that characters like Daniel Negreanu, Robert Williamson, Maria Ho, and Mark Kroon bring to the table. They talk a lot and are lively, entertaining, and fun.

Here are some things I think are fun about poker:

Talking to and getting to know my opponents

Challenging my mind to figure out the correct play

Winning LOTS of money !!!!

By the way, if you want to be part of a fun poker room, join me on one of our Card Player Cruises trips. You will hear an amazing amount of laughter. However if you want to be a jerk and misbehave, don’t bother to book a cabin…your BS won’t be tolerated!

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