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Surgery, Theater, and Weather

by Linda Johnson |  Published: May 07, '14


I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I had surgery last week on the veins in my leg and have been trying to rest and keep my legs elevated instead of spending hours at my computer. The good news is that the surgery turned out well. It was an interesting experience to be awake throughout the procedure. My doctor said he had never had such a happy, chatty patient. Dr. Chino removed 15 veins from my right leg during an Endovascular laser treatment and phlebotomy. I look like I was run over by a truck…black and blue up and down my leg, but I feel great. I’m happy that I was still able to walk my daily 10,000+ steps, even on the day of the surgery.

Enough medical talk! I got to go to the theater twice this weekend. On Saturday, I saw Noises Off at the Las Vegas Academy. The Academy is for musically talented students – a school for the performing arts. As I watched the play, I was impressed with the talent of the young actors. I couldn’t help thinking how proud their parents must be. I’m a firm believer that standing ovations are given out too liberally and should be reserved for truly great performances, but was happy to be part of the ovation to let the students know that their acting skills were appreciated.

Today, I went to the Las Vegas Little Theater. I’m surprised that so many locals have never heard of it or been there. The production was called The Little Black Book and it was a comedy. The acting was very good and I laughed out loud multiple times. It is playing for another week so be sure to go support our local theater if you are in Las Vegas.

The weather in Las Vegas has been in the high 80s and 90s this past week. We are lucky to have had such a mild winter this year. I feel sad that so much of the country is experiencing problematic weather. It got up to 97 degrees yesterday. In closing, I’ll share with you one of my favorite “locals” jokes:

Question: “What do Las Vegans say when it is 105 degrees?”

Answer: “Summer’s coming!”

Linda Johnson

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